Meze Mix- Scratch Night

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So what exactly is a ‘Scratch Night?’

On the second Tuesday of the month get a sneak peek at the next hottest shows, before they hit the circuit. A Scratch Night is an exciting chance to see snippets of brand new work, ranging from immersive theatre to comedy and new writing, before they become full length shows.

Scratch nights rely on two way communication with the audience, and you’ll have the unique opportunity to offer your thoughts and feedback at the end of the evening, either in writing or by having an informal chat with the artists at the bar.

We’ll showcase four pieces of brand new performance each time allowing you a look at work in development and giving our artists the chance to get much needed advice from the audiences- come and be a vital part of the creative process!

The Lineup:

The Voices in My Head (By Ashlee Male)

What connects Robin Williams, Keith Flint, Heath Ledger and Marilyn Munroe? They were all renowned performers who succumbed to their fights with mental health. Inferno Ash breaks boundaries in this honest and courageous piece, by combining circus, mental health issues and….. comedy. Exploring the negative thoughts that so often hold us back in the world, this act is relatable to many of us. Yet do people realise to what extent we are all struggling, particularly those you’d least expect – performers? Expect innovative hula hooping that you’ve never seen before as Inferno Ash attempts to overcome her negative thought patterns by moving forward with her dreams, once and for all.

How We Got To Now (By Ella Hardy and Olga Rodrigo Rivas)

This is a movement piece on a journey of self-discovery, exploring how the internal experience is affected by our external environments.

Bucket Head (By Lotty Loveridge)

What if there was a way to stay in control of your life, to be successful, liked by everyone, gain dazzling good looks and never have to eat your greens? To live the perfect life? Daisy has found a way. ‘Bucket Head’ is a story about how Daisy develops an eating disorder; how she becomes consumed by an invisible force that only she can feel. It is a story about being good enough, being better, being best, being perfect. A disorder that is so often secretive and hidden away is cracked open and unravelled, somehow still managing to find silliness and humour within the darkness. By following the playful, yet poignant journey of Daisy, society’s pursuit of perfection and feelings of inadequacy are illuminated for the audience.

Sex, Lies and Improvisation (By Between Us Improv)

A dark comedy about lying together. From the award-nominated minds behind CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation and Sturike Comedy, this is the story of a girl, a guy and a great big lie.


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