In Pursuit of a Peak District Pensioner Criminal with Tim Knebel

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The remarkable tale of one of the most prolific and ‘incorrigible’ offenders ever to leave their mark in Derbyshire Police records. Blazing a trail of petty crime across Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, from the 1870s to at least 1916, Annie Burke’s life is both well chronicled (with her multiple offences documented in a range of police, court and newspaper records) but also shrouded in mystery (due to her itinerant lifestyle, her use of multiple aliases and habitual deceit and lies!). This is a gripping story of how one extraordinary woman sought to continually evade the long-arm of the law over many decades and across county boundaries at a time when police were increasingly armed with improved crime-detecting methods (e.g. greater information sharing across forces, developments in photography and new finger-printing technology). Did Annie succeed in her boldly-stated aim of wanting to rack up a century of separate criminal convictions? It is also a moving human story of hardship, resilience and sheer defiance in the face of poverty, suffering and persistent and painful punishment.
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